Month: August 2020

Did You Know? Epcot Edition – MOW #336

Lee presents a new series of shows called “Did You Know?” in which he gives you a list of things to know in each park. These are little tidbits of info and trivia that you can use to impress your travel companions. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list; so, chill out! This…

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Best Disney Nighttime Experiences – MOW #335

We searched for the best Disney nighttime experience. With the news that Disney is closing all of its parks before nightfall, we are doing a special “in memoriam” tribute to the beautiful nighttime entertainment in the Disney Parks as chosen by the MOWICAN Tribe! What are your thoughts on how this bracket played out? What…

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10 Biggest WDW Controversies – MOW #334

We present a list compiled by titled The 10 Biggest Walt Disney World Park Controversies. As we do with all lists made for public consumption, we analyze and debate each item to test for legitimacy. We had a lot of fun with this well-assembled list.  What are your thoughts on this list? What choice…

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Haunted Mansion Suicide & Iger On Chopping Block – MOW #333

Today, we discuss two news topics in the Disney-fan universe: 1) should Disney change the  hanging scene in the Haunted Mansion stretching room, and 2) with Universal announcing budget cuts, we discuss the rumor going around about Iger being on Disney’s chopping block.  What are your thoughts on these two topics? Let us know at…

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Kevin Hulk

Kevin Estoque

I attribute my Disney fandom to my parents, specifically my mother. When we lived in New York City, my parents brought me down to Walt Disney World when I was one year old, and then every year after that. This was an easy adventure for my parents as there was only one park at the time. The trek became more accessible when we relocated to New Orleans. I traveled to Walt Disney World almost every year, whether with my parents, as part of a band trip, or with friends. I was a fan and would collect all things Disney, from park maps and park tickets to brochures procured from the Florida welcome center or the Okahumpka Service Plaza on the Florida Turnpike. Then, one day while I was in high school, my friend, David, bought me a used copy of Steve Birnbaum’s Walt Disney World Guide from my high school’s Christmas Bizarre. From this point on, my obsession exploded as I discovered the world of Disney-related literature. With this new resource and the dawn of the Internet and Disney-related newsgroups, I began acquiring as much knowledge as possible.

I entered the world of podcasting in 2005 when I discovered that my fellow bandmates had a podcast of their own, The Big Easy Trickbag. From here, I found the world of Disney podcasts. In reality, I was podcasting before the medium even existed, privately for myself. I started reading the WDW park guidebooks into a tape recorder word for word. This eventually grew into me doing a pseudo-news show. My tape recorder would document my travels with my friends on band trips. 

I attribute my leap into podcasting to two individuals who hail from New Jersey: well-known Disney trivia guru and podcasting veteran Lou Mongello and director and podcaster Kevin Smith. I started listening to Kevin Smith’s show, Smodcast and saw how much fun he and his friend, Scott Mosier, were having while recording the show. Several times on this particular podcast, Kevin Smith would break down how easy it was to begin in this medium. Lou Mongello’s positive and constant embodiment of the phrase “keep moving forward” gave me the impetus to pursue this podcasting venture. You see, I have always had a desire to work for the company and be part of something that brings so much joy to people daily. But, that path has never been presented to me yet. Podcasting, however, was very accessible to him. I discovered that my friend, Danny, also had a Disney obsession, and the rest is what you are witnessing before you.

I entertain the masses as a professional musician when I am not podcasting. I have played and recorded with several bands, but I am primarily a freelance musician. I have played numerous events around the New Orleans metropolitan area and the Gulf Coast as a freelancer. I have worked for several Broadway tours that have come through such as Wicked, Mary Poppins, and Shrek the Musical; for several performing acts on the Gulf Coast such as Johnny Mathis, Jerry Lewis, Frank Sinatra Jr., and Regis Philbin; and for several local musical production companies such the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts and the Jefferson Performing Arts Society; and for the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra as an extra musician. On a national level, Kevin worked for the Music Box Company on the 1st National Tour of the Phantom of the Opera as a substitute musician until its closure. Kevin was raised a New Orleanian and is a fierce advocate for its culture. LAISSEZ LES BON TEMPS ROULE!